Finding an Appropriate Grant Funding Source

When looking for an appropriate funding source, it is important to know what type of organization you are writing the grant for, and to know the guidelines for each source you are considering. You may have one source that looks spot on, but then you discover it’s only meant for newly established organizations, only help certain states, or will not give to religious groups etc… There are always stipulations when asking for money for a good cause. So research is key in deciding the best funding source with the best possible chance for your organizations needs.

In our case it is a nonprofit that promotes education on health and wellness through media to Indigenous people and their youth of the Northwest. They have programs showing actually Native American Elders telling stories of old that were used to teach the youth life lessons in order to get bring them back to a humbled state, and not that of suffering. It is these life lessons that their youth has lost through being siphoned into the typical American world, where assimilating has erased much of our own history of lineage.

The Discovering Our Story organization we are writing for hopes to heal wounds regarding “historical trauma” among their community. Issues also include, Type 2 Diabetes, drug abuse, and domestic violence.

We have chosen a foundation in which we will be writing up a rough draft proposal this week in hopes to be one step closer to helping our local Native American Community.


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  1. jennyscribbles
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 04:27:49

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    An update on our slow going process for our senior grant writing project. As slow going as it is, it is still amazing fun to learn about the local Native American Community. I kind of feel guilty that I knew so little until this point, but there is a lot of information out there and I would never begin to think I’m even close to learning even a fraction of it all. But it’s fun trying.


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